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38" Knitting Board (now in limited supply)


New Sleek Design! Lighter weight, and adjusts for tighter knitting. This 38" Knitting Board is the king of all knitting looms. Each board consists 112 pins for up to 55" wide. Great for blankets, shawls and sweaters! Knits in double knit, adjustable to 3 gauges.


Total Pegs: 112 (each rail) / 224 (loom)

Peg Spacing: 5/16

Size: 38" long

Material: 100% hardwood with steel ball tipped pins

Maximum Knitting Width: 45 - 55" (depending on spacer user)

Now with new sleek design. Loom is lighter weight, comes without a groove in the boards for easier hooking, and wood spacers are smaller for tighter knitting, now adjustable to 1,2, and 3 cm.

Due to length, this product ships international by Priority USPS mail only.

Kit includes: Loom, Knit hook, Instructions, Project, 4"bolts