JULIAN FINGERLESS GLOVES  Warm hands with fingers free!

Knit these up really quickly in Stockinette and Rib Stitch. Great beginner pattern. One size fits most. Knit with 100 yards of worsted weight yarn.  Small quantity for accent stripes. 

Needed: Knitting Board with 20+ needles
(18 or 28 Authentic Knitting Board)

Knit Hook

Crochet Hook

Darning Needle

Cast On (20) stitches.

Knit in Rib Stitch for (3) rows.  Do not cut yarn.  Lay aside.


Tie on accent color yarn.

Knit (2) rows.  Do not cut yarn.  Lay aside.

Knit in main color for (2) rows.

Repeat these stripes of alternating colors, (2) rows of each color for (2) additional times.  End with (2) rows of main color.

 Change to Stockinette Stitch.

Knit (2) rows of accent color.  Cut and knot accent color.

 Knit additional (5) rows in Stockinette in main color.

 Thumb Opening:

Decrease (1) stitch each end for 3 rows. 

Knit (2) regular rows.

Decrease (1) stitch in center of knitting.  Move all stitches over to close in empty needle.  Increase (1) stitch each end.  Knit row.

Knit (1) regular row.

Bind Off loosely with crochet hook by pulling 1 loop thru 1.

 Sew side seam up to thumb opening.

Stitch between the fingers to create opening for each finger.

 Knit the 2nd Glove.

Authentic Knitting Board

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