Large Tote "The Goncho Bag"- Super Size - HOLDS IT ALL

This is such a fun bag with bold stripes in colors of purple, lilac, and grey. Knit in Stockinette stitch. Wide strap with button accents.  Bag is fully lined in cotton flannel. (lining optional) 

Gauge: 3 sts=1" 4 rows=1"
Size: 17" X 8"

Yarn:  Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted with mohair 300 yds of yarn main color, 100 yds of each accent color.

Need: 18” or 28”  Authentic Knitting Board

Crochet hook for finishing.

Fabric for lining=Ύ yd    (2) 1” buttons


Bag Bottom:

Cast On (4) stitches.

In order to make a circle, increase 1 st both ends, until you have 30 sts on boards.

Knit 2 regular rows.

Now dec 1 st each end till you are back to 4 sts. Bind off in crochet st with crochet hook.

Bag Front and Back:

Cast On 44 sts in color #1, purple.

Knit in Stockinette Stitch for (12) rows.  Cut yarn.

Tie on color (2), lilac.  Lay tail ends on top of sts.

Knit (10) rows in Stockinette.  Cut Yarn with 3-4” tail.

Tie on color #3, lt grey. Lay tail ends on top of sts.

Knit (4) rows.

Tie in purple, knit (8) rows.  Cut yarn.

Tie in lilac, knit (4) rows.

Tie in grey, knit (8) rows.

Tie in purple, knit (4) rows.

Tie in lilac, knit (4) rows.

Tie in grey, knit (8) rows.

Tie in purple, knit (8) rows.

Bind Off: You are now ready to remove the piece from the knitting board. With crochet hook, you are

ready to bind off. Starting at opposite end of board from yarn, lift first (3) loops off needles and

onto crochet hook. This is front and back of first st and front of second st. Pull (1) loop (closest to hook) thru (2).  Pick up next (2) loops. Pull (1) thru (2). Continue across board until you have one loop left on crochet hook. Pull tail end of yarn thru loop and secure with knot. Pull tail end into knitting.  Go back to cast on sts and crochet the sts off of anchor yarn just as you did for your stitches on the knitting board. Gently remove anchor yarn from knitting.

Knit 2nd piece for back side of bag.

STRAP: Cast on (10) sts in color (1), purple.

Knit 88 rows or amount to = desired length.

Finish off both ends of strap.

LINING: Our bag was lined in cotton flannel. You may line in pretty floral pattern or any material of choice.

If using a decorative lining, you may want to use same material to back the strap. This looks

really nice. Also, upholstery fabric works well.

Material is 36” wide. Yardage needed=Ύ yd. This will line the strap also.

Cut one piece 28”x20”. Cut one circle 9” across, and one strip 3”x20” (optional)

Sew side edges of lining together. Sew in bottom of bag lining.

Bag-Sew front of bag to back of bag.  Sew in bag bottom.

FINISH STRAP: Sew lining to strap by turning in hem of lining and stitching to edge of strap. Do not cover first 4”

of strap or last 4”. These ends will lay to outside of bag, secured by decorative buttons.

Turn strap to back side, and sew securely to top edge of bag at sides. Be sure to take stitches

thru the lining as well as the knit for durability. Lay end of strap on top of bag, sew on buttons.