Many of our knitting boards have adjustable spacers.
This allows the knitter to change the spacing between the boards and create different effects. You can use any weight of yarn from lacy fingering yarns to thick wools and blends. The unique recessed surface ensures easy knitting. Everyone can knit like a professional!

All-n-One Loom
All-n-One Loom
Our Price: $46.99
20 Peg Extenders (3/8" peg spacing)
Our Price: $9.99
Create both single knit and double knit! It works as a Knitting Board, Round Loom and Sock Loom. 20 Peg Extenders (3/8" peg spacing) Designed especially for the All-n-One Loom. Now you can weave on the All-n-One loom and expand single knitting up to 136 pegs.  Sold as set of (2) extenders.
5 Peg Sliders- 2 pack 28
5 Peg Sliders- 2 pack
Our Price: $5.99
28" Knitting Board + peg extenders
price $56.99
Now make 2 socks at the same time on the All-n-One Loom! Great for Afghans and Sweaters!

Loom Knitting Basics Kit
Afghan Loom
Our Price: $38.99
Loom Knitting Basics Kit
price $19.99
Knit a 60" Afghan in one piece.
A great reference guide! 4 projects included.
Tadpole Knitting Board 10
Tadpole Knitting Board
price $14.99
10" Knitting Board
price $27.99
Great portable size! Great portable size!
38" Afghan Knitting Board
price $56.99