Our looms are made from 100% Beechwood with metal or high grade plastic pegs. Quality to last a lifetime. We offer many loom options:  Knitting Boards for double knitting,  looms that do both single and double knit, and stationary looms with set sizing.

All-n-One Loom
All-n-One Loom
Our Price: $46.99
20 Peg Extenders - small gauge
Our Price: $9.99
Create both single knit and double knit! It works as a Knitting Board, Round Loom and Sock Loom. 20 Peg Extenders (3/8" peg spacing) Designed especially for the All-n-One Loom. Now you can weave on the All-n-One loom and expand single knitting up to 136 pegs.  Sold as set of (2) extenders.
5 Peg Sliders- 2 pack 5 Peg Sliders- 2 pack
5 Peg Sliders -small gauge
Our Price: $5.99
6 Peg Sliders - regular gauge
Our Price: $5.99
Small gauge sliders (3/8" peg spacing). Now make 2 socks at the same time on the All-n-One Loom! Regular gauge sliders (1/2" peg spacing). Use with 28" Knitting Board + extenders.
28" Knitting Board + peg extenders
price $56.99
Afghan Loom
Our Price: $38.99
Great for Afghans and Sweaters!

Knit a 60" Afghan in one piece.
Loom Knitting Basics Kit Tadpole Knitting Board
Loom Knitting Basics Kit
price $19.99
Tadpole Knitting Board
price $14.99
A great reference guide! 4 projects included.
Great portable size!
10 38
10" Knitting Board
price $27.99
38" Afghan Knitting Board
price $56.99
Great portable size!