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Our mission at Authentic Knitting Board is to provide the best quality products, and to share and educate about the Knitting Board process. We work with other providers of loom products, yarns, and patterns in order to offer our customers and friends the best knowledge available. We will continually strive to develop and promote new and innovative patterns from all dependable sources that will enhance our selections. 

We have been involved with the art of double knitting on the board since 1998 after many years of knitting with conventional needles.  We have decided to focus on teaching, sharing, and developing the resources to promote knitting board knitting. 
Our mission also involves assisting women's relief groups with knitting boards and personal instruction.  Our goal is to see these individuals grow in self belief that they, too, can create beautiful, useful, warm garments for themselves, their families, and as a means to supplement their family income. It is our goal to assist these groups with knitting boards, instruction, and support. Individual groups or organizations may apply for this program by contacting Pat Novak at pat@knittingboard.com.

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