Luxurious Alpaca Scarf

Yarn: Frog Tree 100% Alpaca Sport Yarn

Each skein=50g or 130 yards 

Stitches=Stockinette and Rib

 3.5 rows=1

Finished size is 6 X 50


10 mini knitting board (also use 28 or 18)

Knit hook

(2) skeins of yarn

Crochet hook for finishing

Cast On (22) stitches or full mini knitting board.


Knit in Stockinette for (6) rows. Weave from top needle (1) to needle (2).  Weave every other needle, front to back.  At end of row, turn board around and continue to cover all needles.

Hook over all needles.


Change to Rib Stitch: 

Weave from needle (1) down to needle (3).

Continue weaving every other needle from front board to back.

At end of row, the last (2) stitches will be consecutive. Turn board around and continue to beginning, covering all needles.  Hook over.

Knit in Rib stitch for 50 or 200 rows.


Change back to Stockinette to complete end of Scarf.

Knit in Stockinette for (6) rows.

Bind Off of knitting board.  Bind Off at anchor yarn.


Enjoy, your scarf is complete.