Simple Lolly Tote Bag


Knit on 10 Mini Knitting Board

So Quick and Easy-Great for Beginners.


Bag measures 9-1/2 wide X 7 high with 10 handle

Yarn is Reynolds Smile Bulky, Acrylic & Wool

(1)   Skein=124 yds  Knit in (2) pieces, Stockinette


To complete this pattern, you need:

(1)   skein yarn

10 knitting board with knit hook

Large eyed needle for sewing together

Crochet hook to finish the edges


Cast On (22) Stitches:

Weave in Stockinette so that all needles are covered.

Lay anchor yarn across the weaving.

Weave in Stockinette for a 2nd loop on each needle.

Hook Over all needles by lifting the lower loop over top of each needle.

Pull down gently on anchor yarn.  Loops will be loose, but will adjust after a few rows.

Knit in Stockinette. 


Bind Off:

Start at end of board opposite yarn.  With crochet hook, lift first (3) loops off needles.

Alternating boards, this will be stitch 1 front, stitch 1 back, st 2 front.  Pull loop closest to hook thru other 2.  Now, pick up next (2) loops, stitch 2 back, stitch 3 front.  Pull loop closest to hook thru other 2.  Continue this across board until you have (1) loop on hook.

Pull yarn tail thru last loop for a knot.

Finish edge in the same manor at cast-on stitches (anchor yarn).



Cast On (22) Stitches in Stockinette.

Be sure to use anchor yarn.

Knit in Stockinette for (10) rows.

Bind Off of Board.  Bind off at anchor yarn.



Fold Bag over so that both finished edges meet. Use (1) strand of yarn to sew the (2) sides of bag from top edges to bottom of bag using whip stitch.  Knot yarn securely and pull tail into knitting.  Keep tails of yarn tucked between the two layers of knit and they will not show.

Roll the handle lengthwise and sew the long sides together with whip stitch.  Sew the handle so that it has some stretch, but maintains its shape.

Connect handle to bag:

Set bottom edges of handle at top edges of bag.  The seam in handle should be down toward top of bag.  Sew the handle to bag at each top edge of bag. 

This should close up the bag about 1-1/2 on each side.                       

Opening in bag will be aprox 6.

Bag is ready to go-Makes great gifts.


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