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Getting Started

Enjoy visual how-tos on loom knit stitches, loom patterns and techniques. It’s an easy way to learn. Videos are organized into three catagories of loom knitting techiques: single knitting, double knitting and sock knitting.



Basic Videos

Single Knitting

Learn the techniques and loom knit stitches of doing single knit by working on a flat panel, or circular for hats, scarves and so much more.

Double Knitting

Making double knit with 2 rows of pegs is fast and easy.  Learn all techniques, including intarsia color mix.  Lacey or bulky effects can be acheived.

Sock Loom Knitting

Socks are knit in basic sections of leg, heel, foot, and toe in circular single knit.  Once you learn the techniques, its fun to create beautiful socks.

How-to Loom Basics

New to loom knitting or do you want to review a knitting technique? Learn the basics through step by step instruction and illustrations. The learning is divided into 3 sections, single knitting, double knitting and sock knitting. Create beautiful professional knits easily on the knitting loom.

How-to Basics