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  • 38" Knitting Loom
  • 38" Knitting Loom with 20 peg extenders, and 6 peg sliders
  • 38" Knitting Loom with adjustable spacer

38" Knitting Loom


Lightweight loom with grooved plastic pegs, 7/16" gauge. Includes (2) adjustable spacers with 1,2, and 3 cm settings.


The new 38" Loom with plastic grooved pegs comes with (2) 1 peg sliders, and (2) spacers with extra long bolts. The spacers allow for 1cm, 2cm and 3cm in board spacing. Knit up to 4 feet wide, in single knit and in double knit.

Total Pegs: 84 (each rail) / 168 (loom)

Peg Spacing: 7/16"

Size: 38" long

Material: 100% hardwood with plastic grooved pegs

Maximum Knitting Width: 48" (depending on spacer use)

Lightweight loom with grooved plastic pegs,  (2) adjustable spacers with 1,2, and 3 cm settings

Please note:  Due to length, this product ships international and domestic by PRIORITY USPS mail ONLY.  If you select First class mail, you will delay your order.  Duty and taxes are responsibility of customer for international orders..

 Kit includes: 38" Loom, (2) spacers and extra long bolts, knit hook, instructions and projects.

This loom works great with the 20 peg extenders (up to 5 feet wide), the 6 peg sliders.