Earflap Hat

One size fits all.

Knit in stockinette stitch in worsted or bulky weight wool.

Photo used Brown Sheep bulky wool in gray. 


Needed: Small gauge Knitting Board with 56+ stitches (28 Authentic Knitting Board)

Knit Hook, Crochet hook, Sewing needle-large

Yarn:  300 yards 3 sts=1 inch

Cast on 56 stitches. Lay anchor yarn in same yarn.

Knit in Stockinette Stitch for 34 rows.


Bind off (8) sts, Skip (11) sts for ear flap; bind off (18) sts for front of hat, Skip (11) sts for ear flap, Bind off (8) sts. With crochet hook, lift st 1, both boards. Pull 1 thru other. Lift st 2, back, pull one thru other, lift st 2, front, and pull one thru other.  Continue with each st, one loop at time. Do this to first 8 sts, back and front.  When you get to st 9, lay last loop from crochet hook onto st 9, back.  Skip sts 9 thru 19.  With crochet hook, lift st 20 front and back, pull 1 thru other.  Now lift st 21, front, pull 1 thru other.  Lift st 21, back, pull 1 thru other.  Continue this till you are complete with 19 sts left on end of board.  Lay last loop on crochet hook onto next st.  Skip 11 sts.  Go to last 8 sts and starting at end of board, right to left, bind off as you did before and lay last loop onto next needle.  You should now have 8 bound off, 11 on board, 18 bound off, 11 on board, and 8 bound off. The 2 groups of 11 sts will be your flaps. 


**Go back to first group of (11) sts.  Tie grey yarn onto previous row on bottom 1st st on left. Knit (2) rows with these (11) sts in stockinette.  Remember you will have one extra loop on first needle that was left from your first (8) st bind off.  Be sure to loop it over with bottom loop.  (you may want to put a piece of tape over 2nd group of (11) to keep them from being jiggled off needles)

Next row dec (1) st each end, both boards.  Knit one regular row. (2 rows for larger ear flaps)

Next row dec (1) st each end, both boards.  Knit one regular row.

Repeat this process until you have one st left, and bind it off.**


Go to 2nd group of (11) sts, and repeat process ** to* *

Draw ends of yarn into knitting with crochet hook.  Be sure you put a knot in each one before tucking it in.

Sew (2) side edges together with strand of grey yarn by doing a whip st over edges of knitting.  Knot securely at both ends.  Pick up just the one edge st, both strands.

Draw anchor yarn tight and tie to form top of hat.

Pom-Pom for top of hat: 

This is where you can get as creative as you would like.  You can top your hat with a long braid, or you can add a pompom of a bright color.  But our little pom-pom is grey like the hat.  So wrap yarn around 3 or 4 fingers, about (35) wraps.  Slip it off your fingers, and tie double piece of yarn tightly around the middle of loops. Using crochet hook, pull ends of yarn thru to inside of hat and tie securely.  Pull ends into knit. Cut loops of pom-pom and shape to desired length, approximately  1".

String Ties for earflaps: 

Each tie is aproximately 14" in length.  This is done as crochet chain using double strand of yarn.  Cut grey yarn approximately 7' long for each string.  Insert crochet hook thru bottom sts of ear flap.  Pull loop around and chain a rope with double stand.  Cut and knot when string is long enough.  Make second string for opposite side of hat.  Trim bottom, or make small pompom and tie on.


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