Jasmine Rug

Beautiful rug to accent your home - Very thick with warm, rich colors



Stitch:  Criss Cross 

Size:  31 X 19 

Yarn:  Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick

(5) pink,  (2) brown  

Needed: 28 Knitting Board (84+ needles) Regular or heavy duty

Knit hook, Crochet hook
Large eyed sewing needle

Gauge:  4 sts=1  4 rows=1




This rug was knit in (3) pieces using Criss Cross Stitch.


Cast On 84 stitches in brown yarn.  Lay anchor yarn.

Knit 5 rows.

Tie on pink yarn.  Cut brown yarn.

Lay the yarn tails between the 2 rows of needles.

Knit 66 rows in pink yarn.

Tie on brown yarn.  Cut pink yarn.

Lay the yarn tails between the 2 rows of needles.

Knit 5 rows in brown yarn.

Bind Off (with crochet hook) starting at end of board opposite the yarn tail.  Do this by picking up 3 loops, alternating boards, and pulling 1 thru 2.  Do this across board until only one loop remains.  Pull yarn tail thru the last loop for a knot.  Tuck yarn tail into knitting with crochet hook.

Bind Off at anchor yarn starting at end opposite yarn tail.  Pick up first 3 loops, pull one thru 2.  Continue by picking up additional 2 loops.  Once complete, remove the anchor yarn.


Side Pieces:  (knit 2)

These are the side edges that are attached at each side of rug (full length) to create the complete border around the rug.

Cast On 6 sts in brown yarn.  Lay anchor yarn.

Knit 75 rows.

Bind Off at board and anchor yarn.


Sewing the edges to rug:

Sew each edge strip to the long sides of rug for the border.  Do this using the invisible stitch along the edges.  Secure all the corners with an extra stitch, and pull any yarn tails into knitting. 

Your rug is ready for your bedside.  If desired, you may use with rug liners to prevent slipping on  wood or other slick floors.


Authentic Knitting Board

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