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Make your knitting narrower by reducing stitches. Decrease at each end of your loom, in the center, or anywhere along the way in order to reduce the amount of stitches and shape your knitting. Two stitches will be knit together creating an empty pin. Then the stitches will move over to close the empty pins, working a smaller amount of stitches. This can be done whenever needed or when indicated in pattern.

1. Move stitch from the desired peg (peg 3) to the adjacent peg on the back board. Peg 3 is now empty.


2. Then move same stitch on the front board to the adjacent peg.


3. Move the outside stitches over to fill the empty pins. The knitting is now decreased by 1 stitch. When hooking over your next row, be sure to work the peg with 2 stitches as 2 loops over 1.